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SurgeryFor patients over 40, the most common skin cancers are not generally malignant, but can cause problems with ulceration, scarring and disfigurement. These skin cancers (often referred to as BCC’s and SCC’s) generally occur on sun exposed areas, such as the face, head and neck, arms etc., but can occur on any area of the body previously exposed to the sun. 

It is important that these skin cancers be accurately diagnosed, and completely treated, before they can cause problems. At the Logan Skin Clinic we have full biopsy facilities, and use the two most common ways to handle these skin cancers, namely cryosurgery and excisional surgery. 

The Logan Skin Clinic has three fully operational procedure rooms, and uses the latest surgical techniques to aim to completely remove troublesome skin cancers. In addition, we have practicioners with an interest and expertise in facial and flap Surgery, which we believe gives a better cosmetic result. 

All operations are done under local anaesthetic or conscious sedation, and typically, are arranged at special sessions by appointment only. Fees and charges for this surgery will be explained to you at the time the surgery is booked.

Skin Checks

Logan Skin has a particular interest and expertise in screening for malignant melanoma, a skin cancer that can ultimately be fatal. Book your check today. 

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