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Logan Skin Clinic

Dr. Damien Foong, Logan Skin Clinic's Principal, is a General Practitioner with additional post graduate qualifications in skin cancer from the University of Queensland.



Logan Skin Clinic

The Logan Skin Clinic is a skin cancer practice located in Logan Central, Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

We are a focused exclusively on the prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancer. We aim to provide a comprehensive skin service to our patients, working in conjunction with their GP.

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We use the latest dermatoscopic techniques in skin diagnosis, and have considerable expertise in distinguishing between common moles and malignant conditions.


The Logan Skin Clinic has three fully equipped procedure rooms operating, and uses the latest surgical techniques to completely remove troublesome skin cancers.

The most common diagnosis for UV light therapy is Psoriasis, although there are other skin conditions that respond well to light therapy.

Skin Cancer and disorders can occasionally be very difficult to diagnose and manage. At the Logan Skin Clinic we have the best technologies for examining skin.

Skin Checks

Logan Skin has a particular interest and expertise in screening for malignant melanoma, a skin cancer that can ultimately be fatal. Book your check today. 

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